Spare Room is changing!

We are merging with Housing Justice Hosting for all offers and referrals inside the M25 and with Refugees at Home for all offers and referrals outside the London area, in September 2016. 

If you are in the London area/inside the M25, please go to Housing Justice Hosting.

If you are in the UK but outside the M25 London Area please go to Refugees at Home:

Refugees at Home are based in Epsom and West London. To find out if there is a hosting project nearer to you, visit the NACCOM website.

Spare Room will ensure that all current guests are supported. No hosts will be transferred to a new project without their permission. We are, however, unable to take on any new referrals or offers.

Responding to the Refugee Crisis

Today we’re seeing the biggest movement of people to Europe since the refugee crisis following World War II. 

If you’ve come to this site because you want to respond to what you’ve seen on the news, thank you. Showing hospitality is one of the most practical and powerful ways you can respond. 

Many of those we’re trying to settle are from Syria. They’re also from Eritrea, Iran, and many other nations suffering conflict, human rights abuse and environmental catastrophe.

Spare Room has been working for years to find shelter for those our society marginalises and demonises. Men, women and children fleeing for their lives.

Please consider whether you can host. Thank you.


'Spare Room for destitute forced migrants' finds, selects and supports people willing to offer a spare room to people forced to seek refuge in the UK – those who are homeless and neither allowed to work nor claim any state benefits.

We have placed over 70 people, for anything from a week to several years. Hosts decide how long they can offer a room, according to their circumstances.

Spare Room’s aims are: 

  • To provide safe accommodation for nonviolent forced destitute migrants, who do not have other legal means of obtaining tolerable homes
  • To enable those moved by compassion and a sense of justice to want to provide shelter for nonviolent forced destitute migrants to do so
  • To enable all members to develop their potential
  • To respect the humanity of all
  • To advocate on behalf of forced destitute migrants, working with other organisations where appropriate.

If you think you may be able to help by offering time, money or accommodation please get in touch.

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